Opening remarks

Scott Fennelly, Director of Transportation & ITS Services, Surface Mobility Consultants


Establishing the UAR as a global smart city via IoT lighting

  • Building an ITS highway for Li-Fi and other purposes
  • Legal frameworks for sharing data

Eng. Ammar Majed Safi, Sr. Electrical & Development Engineer & Innovation Team Member, UAE Ministry of Infrastructure Development 


Roadmap for smart street lighting

  • What is smart streetlighting?
  • Experience from current smart streetlighting implementations in Europe
  • Why is streetlighting a good candidate of being backbone of the infrastructure?
  • The strengths and weaknesses
  • ROI? What is the investment? What is the benefit? Who will enjoy it?
  • What is going to drive streetlighting business for the coming years?

Péter Schwarcz, Principal Engineer, Tungsram Group


Buenos Aires case study: Recent, city-wide smart street lighting control project

The city of Buenos Aires has deployed, as of 2018, over 150,000 LED luminaires with smart controls. This presentation will explain:

  • How the use of a control system contributed to drastically raise the uptime of the public lighting infrastructure while lowering the maintenance and electricity costs
  • Challenges faced and lessons learnt
  • Technical responses to address each identified problem

Pablo Servent, CEO, Smartmation


PANEL: Strategies for planning, launching & maintaining a public space IoT lighting system

  • Where are the best initial applications for the Middle East, and what are the limits to this technology?
  • Considered more secure than Wi-Fi because the signal only penetrates where a given light does, Li-Fi could be offered by firms offering Lighting as a Service (LaaS). What is required to prepare for Li-Fi? Are there other benefits to connecting through the bulbs?
  • How can communities and cities prepare for this trend? What skilled labour, capital & laws make deployment easier?

PANEL CHAIR: Scott Fennelly Director of Transportation & ITS Services, Surface Mobility Consultants

PANELISTS: Katarina Uherova Hasbani, Founder, Enrupt; Eng. Schwarcz;  Eng. Safi; Mr. Servent; and Mr. Fennelly




Afternoon opening remarks


Lighting systems that learn via AI: Data-driven management of utilities’ cyber-physical systems

  • Combining environment data to control lighting
  • Utilizing sensor data on which lights are on/off
  • Controlling other utility parameters such as power, temperature and air flow
  • Machine learning techniques that require patterns where multi-source data, including lighting, processed locally or moved into cloud-based platforms while control actions flow in the opposite direction
  • New businesses opportunities as AI is incorporated into lighting systems

Dr. Ernesto Damiani, Director, Khalifa University Center for Cyber Physical Systems (C2PS); Director, Information Security Center, Khalifa University; Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering & EBTIC, Khalifa University


Lighting as a platform for wireless connectivity: Enabling data delivery via light

  • Benefits of using the lighting infrastructure for deployment of ultra-dense wireless networks
  • Bridging the gap between “data delivery to the lights” and “data delivery from the lights”
  • Optical Wireless Communication (OWC), Visible Light Communication (VLC), and LiFi
  • IoT access via OWC – enabling luminaires and IoT devices for optical wireless connectivity
  • High Speed VLC / LiFi – using OWC for conventional network access
  • Coexisiting Radio and Optical Wireless Deployments (CROWD Networks)

Dr. Michael Rahaim, Principal Investigator, Ubiquitous Communications & Networking Lab (UCaN Lab), University of Massachusetts, Boston; Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston


PANEL: Trends in the scientific community when it comes to IoT Lighting

  • How many people worldwide are working on this sector, and who is funding it, primarily? 
  • Are the scientific and commercial communities in synch? 
  • In 10 years, what are the questions we’ll be asking in this sector? 

Dr. Damiani & Dr. Rahaim




The Middle East marketplace for smart lighting solutions and next generation solutions

  • Choosing the best platform for your smart city
  • Osram offerings in the Middle East

Yenal Gul, Head of DLS, Osram Middle East


Why lighting systems make excellent conduits for data 

  • Where the technology has been and where it’s going in the next several years
  • Enlightened offerings in this field

Sree Peddinti, Vice President – India & Middle East, Enlighted (A Siemens company)


PANEL: Technology trends and what this means for the overall lighting industry

  • The emergence of IoT lighting is driving industry mergers, acquisitions and market exits. That’s positioning IT firms and lighting firms as either partners, rivals or both. 
  • How can lighting companies – and their clients – keep ahead of the curve? 
  • What is motivating customers? Do local customers mirror global trends when it comes to what’s driving purchases? What is the main reason people buy, and what sectors are spending on this new technology first?  

Sergio Padula, Technical Director, Iguzzini; Mr. Gul and Mr. Peddinti


End of day


N.B - Agenda subject to change