Middle East Electricity's main knowledge engine for 2019 is the much-anticipated Revolutionising Power Generation Conference : Digital Efficient, Clean, Measured, Smart O&M. The programme runs, alongside the show on March 6 and 7 and will put operations and maintenance at large-scale utilities under the spotlight.

Speakers will align in sharing thoughts and experiences on improving power plant efficiencies. Issues to be explored include: digital retrofits, Middle East diesel generator market trends, refining power plant performance with air-cooled condensers and cloud-bases analytics; reliability-centered maintenance and investments that can alter the levelised cost of electricity for power generation.

The speaker platform includes some of the industry’s key MENA players and influencers who will line-up alongside international experts to drill down into how the industry can improve profitability through advanced technology migration and new methodology implementation.

Conference speakers hail from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, Germany, Egypt. Lebanon, Belgium and the Czech Republic. There will be case studies from Egypt, Lebanon and Ghana and the unveiling of new research on preventative maintenance for international combustion engines using big data. The conference outcome will be a vast knowledge bank of breakthroughs which will change the face of the industry.