It has been estimated that all new generation capacity in the electric grid between now and 2030 will be customer owned, and operated, making up 30% of all capacity. New technologies are not only revolutionising the grid from the edges inward, they at the same time make it possible to meet the challenges that they cause and entirely new opportunities that they afford. Utilities must stay abreast of what they are, what they do, and how they can be best utilized to plan, operate and manage their increasingly complex and challenging business.

Transmission & Distribution at MEE helps the power sector to stay abreast of the latest technologies, what they do, and how they can be best utilised to plan, operate and manage an increasingly complex ecosystem. 

About the Transmission & Distribution Halls

MEE is the international meeting point for all professionals associated with the transmission & distribution of electricity. For more than 40 years the exhibition has been offering a platform for manufacturers and distributors from the entire value chain to meet their clients, capture new business and network with the industry.

Who should exhibit?

Manfacturers & distributors of products including:

Cables and Cable Management Systems | Cable Installation | Electrical Distribution Equipment| Switchgear and Control | Transformers | Instrumentation, Test & Measurement | Safety & Protection Equipment | Power Transmission

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Who will you meet?

Buyers of products & services for T&D projects across MEA and the rest of the world, from industries including:

Agent | Distributor | Supplier | Construction | Government | Municipal Authority | Electrical Power Systems | Public Utilities | Engineering Consultant | Main Contractor | Real Estate | Community Developer | Sub-contractors | Architecture | Engineering | Operations | Oil & Gas | Petrochemicals | Procurement | Purchasing | Project Management | Quality Assurance

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T&D Technical Seminar

Topics for discussion in the free-to-attend seminar programme include:

  • Reliable & compact power & distribution transformer
  • Observations of lack on expertise in cable system planning for renewables
  • How to prevent failure of switchgear in critical buildings with 3C overheating protection


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