Under the patronage of h.h sheikh maktoum bin mohammed bin rashid al maktoum, dubai deputy ruler

Frequently Asked Questions - Future Generation

The Future Generation Competition is open to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students currently studying at a university in Middle East.

All projects to be submitted in English Language only.
All submission should be sent through our online submission form. Submission should include a short summary of the project (no more than 1 page) and supporting Images.
A synopsis is a summary / abstract of your paper that enables the judges to quickly ascertain your project.
There are many online resources that provide advice on writing a strong academic synopsis.
You can submit only one project.
We accept group as well as individual projects as long as you have approval from your faculty.

Smart Energy -  Clean, efficient and reliable  
Students are invited to design and develop an innovative solution around the 2017 theme of “Smart Energy – Clean, efficient and reliable”.    

Yes, you must get your project verified by a faculty member.
There is absolutely no cost for a student to submit their project to the competition.

No, the organiser will not cover any expenses. The travel, accomodiation, etc expenses will not be covered by our organisation.

The submission deadline is 22 January 2018. There is NO deadline extension.

Yes, part-time students are eligible to submit, as long as they are currently enrolled in an Undergraduate / Postgraduate course.
Yes, you can submit in the undergraduate category.
Yes, you can submit work that you completed at any point during your undergraduate career.

Shortlisted projects will be announced by 8 February 2018

Yes, images and supporting material is instrumental in helping our judges assess each project.
A total combined size should not exceeding 5MB. You may only submit files in the following formats gif, jpg/jpeg, tif/tiff, word, pdf.

All projects that are shortlisted can be either displayed in the form of a poster, a prototype or a prototype along with poster, during the 3 days of the exhibition. The poster size will be communicated to you closer to the event.

All shortlisted projects must be set up for display on 2 December 2017 at the exhibition venue. Full details on the venue, time etc. will be communicated to you close to the event. Your team is required to be present during the 3 days of the exhibition and the judging process.

Judging will take place on 8 March 2018. Judging time will be communicated to you closer to the event.

Yes, at least one student from your team is required to be present to explain your project to the visitors. On the last day the full team is required to be present during the judging process. Failure to attend during the 3 days will automatically be considered as disqualified.

Peoples’ Choice is voted by the visitors at the Middle East Electricity Exhibition.  Students should explain their project to the visitors. The final voting decision is totally in the discretion of the visitor.

The competition is for students only. Therefore, Professors are not allowed to assist the students in any way.

The winners will be announced at The Future Generation exhibition stand on 8 March 2018 and presented with their certificates and trophies. However after the awards have been announced students are still required to stay at their booth until the end of the show.

The winning project will receive a trophy and winner’s certificate. All of the shortlisted finalists will receive a participation certificate.

The show will take place on 6-8 March 2018.