Under the patronage of h.h sheikh maktoum bin mohammed bin rashid al maktoum, dubai deputy ruler



Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority


Saudi Electricity Co. (SEC)


Digital retrofits for improved power plant efficiencies | Pete Davies | Uniper (UK)

  • Assuring measurable value from digitalization
  • Which elements of a plant to incorporate & when
  • Selling your digital investment to stakeholders


14:15 - BREAK


Value Based Maintenance (VBM) case study | Eng. Yasir Alassafi, Section Head - Gas & Steam Maintenance Power Plant 9 | Saudi Electricity Co. (Saudi Arabia)

  • Lowering cost of production, operation & maintenance
  • Improving plant reliability, availability & efficiency
  • Changing mindsets of SEC employees
  • Revenue, asset values & outage-time results after two years of applying VBM 


Redefining power plant performance with air-cooled condensers, cloud-based analytics | Frédéric Anthone | ACC360

  • Creating profitability through new levels of reliability


Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) case study at Egypt’s East Delta Electricity Production Co. | Ahmed Ali Mohamed Ali | East Delta Electricity Production Co (Egypt)

  • Transitioning from project phase to operational, commercial phase
  • Achieving zero defects, breakdowns, accidents & waste
  • Operation Environment with standards & systems for efficient workflow
  • Using dashboards and balance score cards for identifying risks & comparing efficiencies



Lebanon case study: Forecasting LCOE among technologies used at Lebanon-based power plants | Eng. Nour Wehbe | University of Montpellier (France)

  • Identifying the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for solar, thermal, other systems
  • How maintenance, fuel costs, & carbon emissions will affect costs until 2030
  • Investments that can alter the LCOE for power generation


New research on preventive maintenance for internal combustion engines using AI & big data | Clemens Ortgies | Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co. Europe

  • Data analysis of sound, vibration, exhaust gas & signals from the ECU
  • Roles artificial intelligence can make in preventive maintenance
  • How the research is progressing & with what aim
  • Creating quality data & analysing it effectively


Ghana case study: Returning a severely damaged 150MVA generator rotor to unrestricted commercial operation | Steve Cooper | Quartzelec

  • Stress analysis required to assess double earth fault repairs, severe arcing and deep forging slot excavation
  • Testing repairs afterward to minimize the risk of further damage to the generator
  • Estimating cost savings and examining O&M lessons learned
  • Other examples of “scrap rotors” returning to service

14:15 - BREAK


Trends in the diesel generator market in the Middle East in 2018 & forecasts for 2019 | Romain Mocaer | PowerGen Statistics

  • Popular generator styles in the UAE, Saudi Arabia & in neighbouring countries
  • Forecasting demand for diesel generators for 2019 and beyond
  • How Middle East trends compare to other global generator markets 


Assuring long product life & forecasting long-term operating costs accurately | Steve Lorimer | FG Wilson (UK)

  • Quantifying maintenance costs with associated saved costs
  • Importance of fitting genuine parts
  • How to assess an operation’s long term operating costs


Retrofitting solar PV to existing onsite power generation using diesel generator sets | Carlos D. Reviero | ComAp a.s. (Czech Republic)

  • Implementing hybrid renewable energy micro grids
  • Improving power generation capacity
  • Integrating energy storage for lower costing energy
  • Capacity improvements inherent with dispatchable power generation
  • Maintaining a hybrid system effectively
  • Reducing CO2 emissions


Sensor technology, practice & integrated models to safeguard power plant workforces | Mahmoud Zeineddine | Organization for Safety & Sustainability (OSAS) (Lebanon)

  • Principles of future integrated & functional Safety Systems
  • Sensor principles & the design & functions of current and future safety systems
  • Standardization of safety procedures
  • Identifying strategies to minimizing loss of human, physical & fiscal resources due to preventable accidents