Stand Number: S1.A30


Generating sets 

KD SERIES is the new line of generating sets equipped for the first time with state of the art KOHLER diesel engines. These generating sets benefit from unprecedented power density, making the KD SERIES the ideal range to meet your most exacting requirements. Ranging from 800 kVA/kWe to 4200 kVA /4 000 kWe, they are perfectly suited to all industrial applications. Moreover, they benefit from KOHLER-SDMO quality service throughout the world. The KOHLER Group has been a global provider of energy solutions since 1920. Its emergency power supply, main power supply and energy management systems excel throughout the world and across all sectors.As the 3rd biggest global player on the market, KOHLER-SDMO now designs its own generating set engines. 

Stand Number: S3.D30

Cummins Africa Middle East

C450 D5; C22 DVT; C1540 N5CC; 6LTAA9.5-G1 G-Drive Coolpac; Digital Master Control 8000 

C450 D5, part of the QSG12 series, for the commercial and industrial market provides higher power density and a smaller footprint. Features include extended service intervals of 500hrs, lower fuel consumption and unaided cold start capability at 12°C. 


Stand Number: S1.J40


WE PRODUCE: Canopies for gensets from 8 kva up to 1200 kva Diesel gensets from 8 kva up to 2500 kva (Trade mark ERGA) power by Deutz, Iveco, Kohler, Lombardini, Volvo Penta, Mitsubishi, MTU, Perkins, Cummins, KAMAZ engines. Gasoil and diesel portable power stations from 2 up to 12 kva kva (Trade mark ERGA) power by Honda, Mitsubishi, B&S, Lombardini, Kohler.

  • Containers for diesel gensets (Trade mark ERGA)
  • Quickly constructed /pre-fabricated containers for rescue and military corps.
  • Containers for storage spaces
  • Containers tailored to specific needs of client
  • Metal constructions for wide range of applications
  • Coating of metal products with the use of spray powder 

For more information, please visit: www.gazteh.ru

Stand Number: S1.C01

Green Power Systems Srl

Generating set 

Complete range of gen sets from 3 up 3000 kva with several engine brands (Perkins, Iveco, Volvo, Deutz, Cummins, Mtu, Mitsubishi, etc.). Very fast delivery thanks to a stock of at least 1000 units between engines and alternators from 2 to 1500 kva. Extremely competitive prices thanks to the in-house production of frames, canopies and control panels. High quality guaranteed by ISO 9001/2008 and CE certifications and the security of the Made in Italy handwork. Possibility to realize highly customized products and solutions. 

Stand Number: S3.B60

Orefice Generators


Assuming that is it difficult to efficiently combine low noise level and generator's size, professional generating sets often hold large dimensions to maintain an acceptable noise level. The "K" version came up thanks to a combination of ideas and technical arrangements. It's a soundproof generating set with compact dimensions suitable for applications where premises are small and low noise level is mandatory.

Stand Number: H1.H30

J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH

Power Supply / DC UPS Systems / Tansformer 

We are manufacture DC UPS systems (2in1) power supply and buffer which are capacitorbased or battery based. On the other hand we manufacture customized transformer from 10 VA till 10 MVA. 


Stand Number: S2.G40

Linz Electric Spa

The HYBRI9 series includes variable speed 9-phase alternators, with a compact, low-weight design as demanded by the market and optimised performance for managing different battery pack usage phases. The range offers a complete line of alternators for use in integrated hybrid systems in off-grid Hybrid Power Units designed specifically for Telecom applications.

Stand Number: S2.G60

S. & A.S. Co. Ltd.


Low Cost Genset Controller - Automatic mains failure or Auto Start controller, Interfaces RS485 Modbus/CAN, On-site firmware upgrade, Frequency range up to 500Hz. 

Stand Number: S3 A10


D 700 Advanced Genset Synchronization Controller 

Auto Learning Synchronization Controller. Tailored for the most demanding applications, provides synchronization, load share, mains synchronization, soft transfer, AMF, ATS, Remote Start, Engine control and remote display panel functionalities in a single unit. Easy commissioning is achieved with the automatic learning feature, a first in the industry 


Stand Number: Z3.E01



Our Genset Systems called ‘DEUTZ Power Solutions’ (13 to 500 kVA) meet precisely the standards of the market, combining top quality performance and reliability including various features to allow any customized application requirement. 


Stand Number: S3.A59

Silicon Power Systems

Alternator Voltage Regulator & Battery Charger 

SPS is worlds leading Manufacturer of AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) & Battery Charger for all types of Generators since last 29 years, having over 40 different AVR Models suitable for Brushless, Brush(Slipring), PMG & Synchronizing Generators from 1 Kva to 3000 Kva.,with capabilities to design for client customized AVR inhouse. 

Stand Number: S1.C56

PW Power Systems

The FT4000® gas turbine engine

The FT4000® gas turbine engine is the latest power generation solution developed by PWPS, a group company of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd., in collaboration with Pratt & Whitney®. The first FT4000® engine was launched in 2015, and the fleet has over 20,000 operating hours. 

The FT8® engine

The FT8® engine has been operating since 1991, has over 560 installations, and is installed as stationary or movable power. The FT8® MOBILEPAC® gas turbine package provides a quick solution for challenging power requirements. 

Stand Number: S1.A57



PRESLIA GT turbine oil is specially formulated to lubricate rotating machines operated at high temperatures. This oil is ideal for lubricating combined cycle systems that are supplied from the same tank.

Stand Number: S2.D10

FG Wilson

Universal Product range 

The new 6.8 –25 kVA universal product range, has been designed with a big emphasis on efficiency, low operating costs and flexibility. Ideally suited to remote applications including Telecoms, the range is designed to minimise site visits for maintenance and fuel replenishment, offering up to 1,000 hours between service intervals and set-mounted fuel tanks of up to 2,000 litres. A flexible range of enclosures with three levels of sound attenuation, as low as 57 dBA at 7 metres, means operators can meet local noise regulations with an enclosure which is right for their needs. 


Stand Number: S2.B50

Gamesa Electric

Generators for Gas/Diesel Gensets 

Medium voltage state of the art generators. Standard solutions as well as 100% customized solution to fulfil our customer needs at the best price. 


Stand Number: S2.C59


Generators & Engines for PG Applications 

our engine manufacturing capacity now exceeds 300,000 per annum. Kirloskar DMCC, is one of the companies of Kirloskar Group, based in United Arab Emirates. All our Group’s products are marketed in Middle East and North Africa region through this company. Dedicated team of engineers and service technicians available round the clock for sales or service support. 


Stand Number: S1.G05

Yellow Power International Sarl

Caterpillar 3512B diesel generator set rated 1500 kVA prime power 

Several new and used Caterpillar diesel and gas generator sets in our stock, ratings from 1 kVA to 2500 kVA. All Caterpillar genuine spare parts available at competitive prices, new and Cat Reman. 


Stand Number: H2.D20

OMICRON electronics


OMICRON’s lightweight (20 kg) circuit breaker test system CIBANO 500 includes the new Current Sensor Measurement (CSM) method. Operating times of the circuit breaker (CB) can be determined accurately despite the GIS being grounded on both sides. During a close or open operation of the CB, the current sensor measures the current change through the ground connection of the CB and send signals to CIBANO 500 which determines the switch response times. 

Stand Number: H1.G11

Elatec Power Distribution Gmbh

Medium voltage switchgears 

Our medium voltage switchgear M6 in withdrawable unit design is developed for many applications up to 24kV/4000A/50kA. It is, for example applied as grid and distribution station in the industry as well as in power supply companies. The switchgear is in compact design combined with high performance features. 

Stand Number: H8.C39

Emelec Elektrik Muhendislik San Tic AS

Link box cable cleats 

Link Box is electrically and mechanically one of the integral accessories of HV underground cable Bonding System, associated with HV XLPE power cable system. Briefly the Bonding System is so designed that the cable sheaths are bonded and earthed/grounded in such a way as to eliminate or reduce the circulating sheath currents and to limit standing induced sheath voltages for human safety.


Stand Number: H2.C10

Global Transformers

Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers 

All Transformers above 300 kVA are Copper foil wound on LV winding, imparting excellent short circuit strength & uniform cooling. ? All Core & coil assemblies are vacuum dried and tanked under controlled conditions, ensuring longer life of the transformers. ? All Tanks are shot blasted and surface treated before initial paint is applied, ensuring longer life & durability of tank surface against corrosion. ? With the Plant being completely air conditioned, Winding, CCA & tanking processes are done under controlled temperature condition & dust free atmosphere, ensuring trouble free performance throughout its life. 

Stand Number: Z3.E16

Hering-VPT GmbH

HERING EOK Transformer Oil Purification Plant 

The insulating oils of your current and future transformers have to meet the highest standards regarding quality and purity to perform at their highest level of efficiency. During operation, the insulating fluids have to act both as an effective coolant and dielectric material. Using the right insulating oil with the right properties is, therefore, an essential part of the transformer business. The usage of HERING EOK Transformer oil purifying plants improves the dielectric properties of your transformer insulation by lowering the water content within the fluids and materials. 

Stand Number: H2.H27

Imequadri Duestelle SPA

SINTER compact combined circuit breaker 

SINTER, very compact circuit breakers - breaking and switching, inside a single SF6 insulated enclosure, only 500 mm wide. 

Stand Number: H3.A01

Kotsons Pvt. Ltd

Power & Distribution Transformers 

Manufactures of Power Transformers upto 28 MVA, 36kV class & Distribution Transformers of 11kV, 22kV, 33kV class. 38+ years of Experience, 5 Manufacturing Plants, Manufacturing Ventilated Dr Type VPI Transformers , under Reliatran(R) Brand. Manufacturing Amorphous Metal Core Transformers. 3-D Distribution & Power Transformers 

Stand Number: Z2.J31


Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21

Measurement of transient resistances of electric circuits in the range of 0.1 µO ÷ 2 O, the lowest error being ±0.05% in high-voltage circuit breaker contacts, in disconnecting switches, separators, and short-circuiters, in packaged switchgears, in contact couplings, in weld seams, etc.


Stand Number: Z3.C17


Equipment for testing and calibration

Equipment for testing and calibration of electricity meters, reference power meters and instrument CT/PTs. 

Stand Number: H5.C30

The H-J Family of Companies

Transformers and Switchgear Components

Manufacturer and distributor of components and machinery for distribution & power transformers as well as MV switchgear apparatus. Headquartered in the USA since 1969 with offices worldwide, we are a fully integrated company from designing to testing. Offering high quality designs for ANSI and IEC markets as well as ability to customize to specific requirements, we can assist with numerous components for market applications such as Windfarm, Solar, PadMounted Compact Substation, Mobile, Submersible, CSP, Offshore, etc. 

Stand Number: H2.A14

Uskuna Muh. Elektrik Ins. Taah. San Ve Tic. Ltd

Uskuna Flash LIghtning Rods 

Uskuna® is an Engineering Company, our first aim is to provide lightning protection safety. All of Uskuna ® Flash LR’s are being tested by our R&D Department before being sent to you. So we are sure it works. Flash lightning rods are the first lightning rods in Turkey which manufactured comply with NFC 17-102:2011 standards All parts used in Uskuna® Flash ESE Lightning Rods AISI 304L (EN 1.4307) Stainless Steel Quick & Easy installation 2 years warranty for electronics and ionisation and 10 years warranty for corrosion. 

Stand Number: H2.G13

Acrastyle Limited

Substation Protection & Control Solutions 

Acrastyle Limited specialise in providing power system protection & control cubicles and panels for all levels of electrical power transmission & distribution, whether to utilities, transportation, industrial, energy or building & infrastructure market sectors. We provide standard products in addition to custom-sized products. Cubicles or panels can be supplied in a rear access design and a front access swing frame style where substation space is limited. All cubicles or panels can be provided with or without glazed front doors. 

Stand Number: H2.F37

Amorim Cork Composites


Low Cost Genset Controller - Automatic mains failure or Auto Start controller, Interfaces RS485 Modbus/CAN, On-site firmware upgrade, Frequency range up to 500Hz. 

Stand Number: H4.D10

HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH

Mobile test voltage source for wind farm transformers WV 18-18/1.4 

HIGHVOLT’s latest development allows transformer faults to be diagnosed directly within the wind turbine’s nacelle. That saves time and money: when a transformer is tested, it only needs to be dismantled and repaired if a fault has been detected. The compact testing power source WV 18-18 / 1.4 provides sufficient power for induced voltage testing on three-phase transformers, allowing transformers with a power rating up to 10 MVA to be examined easily. 


Stand Number: Z3.D56

Burn Cable Management Systems Ltd

Rothley Burn GI Conduit System

Galvanized steel condiuts manufactured and bsi approved to BS EN 61386-21. We manufacture a full range of condiuts and accessories complying to Class 4. 

Stand Number: H2.E30

Fanox Electronic S L

SIA Self-Powered Protection Relays for Secondary Distribution 

Fanox relays are a reference in the electric sector thanks to our successfully proven experience with thousand of field installed devices operating in top conditions for years with self-powered technology. SIA range is designed to protect from overcurrent and earth fault the secondary transformers and distribution substations of electrical networks, with self and dual models. Specially indicated for SF6 RMUs. Benefits: Maintenance of transformers and distribution substations is heavily reduced. Easy commissioning and start-up of installations. Easy management in adverse conditions. 

Stand Number: H5.D40

Gala Thermo Shrink Pvt. Ltd

Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories 

Gala Shrink Fit, a leading manufacturer of Power Cable Accessories, Insulation Enhancement Products, Busbar Insulation Products, Heat Shrink Tubing & Screened Elbow Connectors for over 4 decades with its export to 106 Countries. We cater to Electrical Distribution, Transmission and Generation Utilities, Switchgear Industries, Cable Manufacturers and many other OEM's. 

Stand Number: S2.G60



MRT-700 Underground Cable and Pipe Locator maps quickly, easily and accurately energized and deenergized MV and LV distribution networks. Injects 3 active tracing frequencies; 640Hz, 8KHz and 32KHz by three different and optional way (Direct connection with alligator clamps, Induced with a Clamp, or Built-in Antenna). Power Output Selectable by user up to 10 Watts 

Stand Number: CB.30



Modern and modular high quality Moulded case circuit breaker with electronic trip unit up to 1600A 

Stand Number: H2.E17

TECNALIA Electrical Labs

Electrical Equipment Testing 

TECNALIA Electrical Laboratory is one of the main third-party labs in Europe with worldwide recognition among utilities, including the Gulf Countries. We provide type tests services for a wide range of electrical products for the T&D network, from Low to Medium and High Voltage 

Stand Number: Z3.H31


Instrumentation & Control Cables, High Temeparture Cables, Industrial Heaters, Temperature Sensors, Lab Equipments, Industrial Furnaces 

We are also into specialized Cables & Wires like high temperature cables upto 1200 Deg. C with Fluoropolymer Insulations, Silicon Rubber, Fiber Glass Braided, Polyimide Insulated etc., EB-XL Irradiated Cables for Solar, Railways, Defence & Nuclear, DC Solar Cables for PV Components, Digital Linear Heat Sensing Cables, Component & Process Heaters, one of the largest manufacturer of Contact & Non-Contact type Temperature Sensors in India, Thermal Imagers, Furnace Monitoring Camera Systems and serving all major consultants, EPC, OEM, Process Industries worldwide to 70 countries. 

Stand Number: H3.B10

Work Italia Srl

Portable Short-circuiting and Grounding Equipment for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage 

Short-circuiting and grounding equipment for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage. Devices for every type of installations: overhead lines and bare conductors, insulated conductors, fixed points, fuse bases, electric cabins, substations. In compliance with reference standard IEC 61230. Light alloy clamps with multiple clamping capacity and high resistance to the short-circuit currents. Extraflexible electrolytic copper cable covered by transparent rubber sheath for phase connecting and grounding, section from 16 square mm to 120 square mm, in compliance with reference standard IEC 61138. Ground clamp for every type of earth rod, fixed points, ground bares, rail and railway connections. 

Stand Number: H3.E20

Cavicel S.p.a.


Firecel SR cables are fire resistant cables designed to continuously operate under fire conditions. During the burning stage, the combustion gases have very low opacity, low toxicity and are halogen free, for the safeguard of the human life and for protection of installations. 


Stand Number: H2.A16

Foxairtech Pano Klima ve Endüstriyel Sogutma Sistemleri Ltd. Sti.

FoxPro Series Enclosure / Panel Airconditioners 

FoxPro Series Enclosure / Panel Airconditioners help users to keep electrical and automation cabinets temperature steady for achieving the best conditions of work of electrical parts, drives etc;. Easy maintenance procedure and world known components provides a long lasting operational life. Although most of the enclosure coolers are hard to disassemble, FoxPro Series panel airconditioners were designed considering a fast and easy procedure of maintenance. 


Stand Number: H1.H19

HVR International

Linear and non Linear Resistors (Silicon Carbide or SiC Varistors) 

Our SiC Varistors are similar to the Metrosils from M&I but with higher performance on the temperature rating and so better in terms of energy absorption. They are used together with protection relays, for Transformer protection (CTPU) and in Generator De-Excitation systems. We also offer stabilizing Resistors and Heaters from our sister company. 


Stand Number: Z2.K01

Indlovu Enterprises


Indlovu Enterprises are proud suppliers of the Adret Range of Electrical Cable Fault Location and Test Equipment. With the best quality at affordable prices we can distribute our products worldwide. We specialize in the following electrical test equipment & services:

  • Surge Generators (thumpers)
  • Pre-Location Scopes
  • Ground microphones (Pin Point Listening Sets)
  • AC/DC Hi-Pot Testers
  • Positive Cable Identifications Systems
  • Cable Spiking Tools
  • Fitment of Vehicle & Trailer Test Equipment
  • Repairs to any Cable Fault & Test Equipment
  • Training on Test Equipment
  • Calibration on Test Equipment
  • Custom Made Instruments


Stand Number: H2.D29


Enclosure for automatic fuses, distributon board 

Flush mounting enclosures series E are made for indoor use with possibility for hollow wall. Enclosures are completely assembled whits all necessary part 


Stand Number: H8.F01



The GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer enables the safe under crossing of traffic ways and production of house connections for gas, water, etc. completely without the need for open trenches. 


Stand Number: H2.B50

Tridelta Meidensha GmbH

High voltage surge arrester and arrester diagnostics 

High voltage and medium voltage Surge Arresters with porcelain and silicone housing up to 800 kV - special applications and arrester diagnostic 


Stand Number: H7.E11

Borsan Group

LED Slim Downlights - Backlights - Etanj - 60x60 Office - Projectors - Glops & Indoors E27 Lighting Fixtures - Multiple Sockets - Distribution Boxes - Junctions Boxes 

Stand Number: Z3.B50

Emika Inc.

EmiLed Lighting 

Led Warehouse. Body: anoized aluminium. Optical system: water clean diffuser and bright or matte reflector. Electrical structure: constant current LED driver with high effivincy, and active PFC. Available is dimmable version as well. Light source: Vossloh, Helvar, Osram, Tridonic, Citizen LEDs. Application options: high warehouses, logistic centres, etc.

Stand Number: H2.A28

Kromplas Mak. Müh. Ins.

LED- Street Light(Fixture, Luminaire)

Our LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Products, are the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry, which are extremely energy efficient with long life. LED technology also offers many additional advantages over other types of lighting, such as exceptionally longer life span (over 60,000 hours), enormously lower energy usage (more efficient), reduced maintenance costs and higher safety. 


Stand Number: H2.F10

Scolmore International

Click Smart makes it easier than ever for installers to provide an upgrade to an existing wiring installation. Smart Switches consist of a Retractive Switch Module and Switch Plate. They are available in five switch types, in multiple finishes and styles from across the Click® Wiring Accessory ranges to offer maximum choice. The Click Smart controls make it easier to switch and dim wirelessly from preferred locations without the use of extra cales. 

Stand Number: H1.D19

LEDVANCE Middle East Africa FZE

SubstiTUBE® Advanced Pro UE EM 

Thanks to its LED chip level performance above 220 lm/W, SubstiTUBE® Advanced Pro UE EM provides the highest light efficiency in the LED T8 mass production market, the most advanced energy saving potential for 2ft and 4ft fixtures, and true retrofit for 2ft applications with its tandem connection. 

Streetlight LED Value 

Streetlight LED Value is the new, robust and reliable LEDVANCE offer for street-lighting, available in different housing size and wattages, with tool free maintenance and dust-free design. High-grade aluminium housing ensures reliable operation. Ultra-white tempered glass protects from high temperature environment and provides high light transmittance, uniformity, and less glare



LEDVANCE LED Battens are high quality and affordable luminaires, designed to reduce lighting cost without compromising quality. The seamless features of the luminaires and the continuous light connection help consumers to achieve greater savings on daily electricity consumption. In addition, the luminaires offer consistency and various colour temperatures. 


Stand Number: H1.E28



ILX your save Partner for Industrial Automation Lights since 1997.ILX ENGINEERING main goal is to become a leader in the business area.ILX product range ; warning lights, Signal towers, Aircraft warning lights,LED devices, Solar lights,Signal lights, Traffic lights available with multiple variations: strobe, flashing, rotating. Create your own Industrial Lighting with several colour choices and technical features, long service life, easy installment and excellent protection 

Stand Number: H2.F31


LED Lighting 

MXB British Group Limited is a company registered in UK. Incorporation date May 2012, Company Registration 08091557. MXB products have been developed by a team of Industrial Professionals with over 70 Years of extensive sales and marketing experience in the Middle-East and Africa. The in-depth knowledge of customer requirements in more than 25 countries has enabled us to develop a range of products best suited for these territories. 

Stand Number: Z2.E39

Jinko Solar

Bi-facial Module

Bifacial solar modules have the capability to generate electricity by capturing light from both sides of the module. It does not take a big stretch of the imagination to understand that this type of technology can dramatically shake up the solar market.

Half cell modules

As the solar module producer, JinkoSolar has to focus on bringing best technologies to market. However, the best technology is not the highest efficiency technology, but rather the ones that fits the situation.  

Stand Number: Z2.F57


MEDIUM VOLTAGE INVERTER STATION, CUSTOMIZED UP TO 7.2 MVA. Maximize your investment with a minimal effort - Ingeteam’s Inverter Station is a compact, customizable and flexible solution that can be configured to suit each customer’s requirements. It is supplied together with up to four photovoltaic inverters (two dual inverters). All the equipment is suitable for outdoor installation, so there is no need of any kind of housing. 


Stand Number: Z2.B39

Oman Solar Systems Co. LLC

Solar Grid Connected System 

Inverter, UPS, Battery, Solar off Grid System, Solar Grid Tied System, Solar Street Light System, Solar Water Pumping System, Solar Water Heating System 

Stand Number: H2.F28

Flexicon Ltd

Flexicon Ultra 

Flexicon Ultra provides a reliable and effective method for protecing vulnerable cables used in Solar Applications. When combined with Flexicon's FPIH range of Polyamide corrugated conduits, it provides end to end cable protection. Flexicon's products have been tried and tested to deliver high levels of Ingress Protection and resistance to mechanical deterioration from Ultra Violet exposure. 

Stand Number: Z2.D16

Morningstar Corporation

MultiWave Inverter-Charger 

Morningstar’s new MultiWave™ 4kW Inverter-Charger establishes a new benchmark for battery based inverters. Its high-frequency design delivers more power with less weight, and achieves peak efficiency in excess of 95% across a wide load range. Designed to deliver off-grid power and backup/UPS for a global market place, the MultiWave is available in 120, 120/240 and 230 V AC versions. The family is designed for flexibility and ease of installation and each inverter has a high resolution display which allows all programming and data access. Optional BOS Blocks are DIN rail mount I/O expansion devices that allow for add-ons such as: sophisticated generator control and automated load shedding. 

Stand Number: Z2.F12


Solar all in one ( AIO ) street light 

Solar AIO street light - Advantages - 100% electricity saving,PIR motion sensor,zero running cost,zero maintenance,no wiring,protable,environment friendly,long battery life. 

Stand Number: H2.H28

Adel System S.r.l.


DC-UPS is an All In One device that means: Power Supply, Battery Charger and Back-Up module in one device. Some advantages and features of the Range are the follow: power continuity guaranteed, fast charging in Boost, diagnosis of the battery while charging, the product tells you when it is the time to change the battery that you can always monitor, even from distance. 

Stand Number: H3.C19

Comar Condensatori Spa

Automatic Power Factor Correction system

COMAR produces: single and three phase Capacitors for LV and MV applications, a wide range of Automatic Power Factor Correction systems included “detuned” type for all LV and MV applications. COMAR uses the most modern technologies for its products like IoT systems that has deeply simplified the acquisition, analysis and information. The NEW application Cloud Control System (CCS) is the solution for a better SAFETY, Energy Efficiency and MAINTENANCE on APFC system. For COMAR it’s a pleasure to introduce to you this new opportunity. 

Stand Number: Z2.C70

Energic Plus

REPLUS Battery Regenerator 

Expand the lifespan of your batteries: lead sulphate is removed by the electrical high-frequency pulsation process of the battery regenerator. Rejuvenate your battery! 

Stand Number: H8.A01

Ses Global Fzc

Portable and permenant power distribution products for Industry, MEE distributor for Phase 3 Powerlock connection system and le Mark range of Tapes and safety equipment 

Stand Number: H2.B39

Grasslin GmbH

Talento Smart 

The S25 DIN-rail timer is a highlight of the talento smart product line. In combination with the CE2 expansion modules, this version makes it possible to set up systems with up to eight channels. The new LAN module is having its trade fair premiere; this module makes child’s play of transferring or exporting programmes via direct remote control to the talento smart S25 through a LAN network. Each talento smart LAN module can be connected to up to five talento smart S25 units. This enables convenient management of large applications by grouping together multiple timers, making it an ideal solution for supermarkets, chain stores, schools or large administration buildings. 

Stand Number: H3.B19

Layer Electronics Srl

Industrial UPS Futura series up to 1600 kVA 

The highly advanced industrial UPS of the Futura series by LAYER ELECTRONICS are developed in way to ensure total security from problems related to mains. Layer’s most recent development in industrial UPS, the Futura series represents the state-of-the-art in quality and technology, accumulated by LAYER ELECTRONICS in more than 50 years of experience in the field of the stabilization and static conversion of the energy. The high reliability is due to the high professional level of components used and to its simplicity. 

Stand Number: H8.01

Kmb Systems Sro

ARTIQ 235 - class A power quality analyser 

Extremly accurate class A certified power quality analyser and class 0.2S energy meter. Measures up to 128 harmonics and interharmonics of voltage and current. Features special input for residual current monitoring. Suitable for all high demandig applications such as Smart grids, substations, mining, industrial and comercial applications. 


Stand Number: Z1.C59

Smappee PLUS

Smappee, a leading developer of smart energy monitoring solutions, is named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honouree for its latest energy monitor and home energy traffic controller, Smappee Plus. Smappee Plus measures real-time energy use from household appliances, offering valuable insights into a homeowner's energy use and production. It’s the only energy monitor that combines load disaggregation with submetering technology to provide real-time data also for appliances with variable output – such as air conditioning, electric vehicles, heatpumps, etc.


The Smappee Switch, which will be available for homeowners on February 28th 2018, will enable homeowners to measure the consumption of individual appliances or group of appliances, providing more actionable data for users to reduce their energy use and costs down. The Smappee Switch also gives users greater ability to remotely control, turn on/off their devices when in their home and when away. 

Stand Number: H2.E35

Transformadores JESIVA, S.L.

Transformers and Inductors 

JESIVA is specialized in manufacturing single and three phase electric transformers and inductors from 1VA to 300kVA for applications in many different fields like industrial automation, railway, or renewable energies. Our experience and technology allow developing and manufacturing in a very short time new products to meet any customer’s requests and to improve new products programs. 


Stand Number: CB.30


M133C Power & Energy Calibrator 

M133C is electric AC/DC three-phase power and energy calibrator for calibration of power meters, power transducers, power quality analysers and generally all kinds of power measuring devices. AC voltage, current, power and energy functions have calibrated phase shift in frequency range from 15 Hz to 1 kHz with resolution as good as 0.001 Hz. Simulated electric power (including power quality functions) can be set independently in each phase of both voltage and current signals. 

Stand Number: H1.G18

IGEL Electric GmbH

Medium Voltage Soft Starter 70 -600 A, 2.3kV - 13.8kV 

Up to 50oC ambient temperature, comprehensive motor protection and control package, IP 41 as standard, up to IP 54 optional. Advanced electronic potential transformer utilizing "fiber optic" voltage and current measurement system, 45 - 65 Hz auto-frequency tracking, automatic trigerring of the firing angel (designed for generator operation to match frequency variations e.g. Marine/Offshore, etc.) Innovative full functional low voltage testing. Nominal voltage test - option. Full "fiber-optic" firing system for full isolation between MV & LV compartments.

Stand Number: H2.E28



MYeBOX® is an innovative portable network and power quality analyser, which has been specially designed to perform energy audits. The unit features a Wi-Fi and 3G communication system (depending on the model) and can be configured and monitored remotely with a Smartphone or Tablet, without the need to be present at the facility. 

Stand Number: H5.D29

Klemsan Elektrik Elektronik San. Ve Tic. A.s.

Terminal Blocks, Wiring Ducts & Energy management solutions & Products 

KIO - Klemsan Internet Objects, is a web-based energy management IoT platform developed by Klemsan. Our energy monitoring software development was started with Systemon in 2014, with the latest technologies, our system gone beyond energy monitoring and evolved into an energy efficiency platform. KIO provides scalable applications and custom solutions for the industries with its expandable modular structure. KIO offers a single solution for all energy management needs with its advanced features like real-time monitoring, reporting, invoicing, alarm management, and many other for energy efficiency. 

Stand Number: Z3.G34


Motor Run / Start Capacitor, Shunt Capacitor, APFC Panel, Air Conditioner and Refrigeration Capacitors 

Function of Capacitors – Power Factor Improvement, resulting in energy saving. 


Stand Number: Z3.B50

GANZ Kapcsoló- és Készülékgyártó Kft.

Rotary Switch 

Our products are used in almost every field in electric power generation and distribution, in engineering, in the chemical, building and food industry, agriculture, in social establishments, in household as controlling and protective devices. 


Stand Number: H2.F28


Substation Automation System - SELTA STCE/SA100 (BCU) 

SELTA offers an integrated digital system for the automation of HV and VHV power substations, based on the most advanced technologies, with several functionalities: control, automation, protection, monitoring and maintenance. This is the ideal system for the Utilities managing HV and VHV power networks, that want to renew their substation control and automation systems, to maximize efficiency and QoS. 

Stand Number: Z3.B50

WM Systems LLC.

Wireless Smart Metering modems 

Intelligent wireless Electricity Metering modems, CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / LTE 4G / LTE 450 / NB (Narrow Band) Smart metering devices, switching option, tarif modes, remote access, supercapacitor, remote lighting switch, public street lighting, safety protocols, router connection, broadbandPLC / BPL connection 


NB-IoT metering modems & routers 

NB-IoT (Narrow band) smart metering modems & wireless routers, lighting switch box, pulse signal counting and transmitting